"If your photos aren't good enough, you aren't close enough"
- Robert Capa


Absolutely love this portrait.

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quête du spot - Portugal w/ Flybikes

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Maxime Charveron - SF

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I beginning to be a big fan of dirt bikes

02.Sep.14 3 hours ago


Ur boys empire is stretching

Id say i’m over giving a fuck about people who don’t care back.

31.Aug.14 2 days ago

Sewer Shoots!

Local Woman Prints iPhone Photos Leaving Friends and Family Shocked


In a move that sent shockwaves through a quiet sleepy neighborhood, photos from an iPhone were printed onto photographic paper.

Lynn, a mother of two who refused to tell us her age, uploaded iPhone photos to a lab and within a week received back two bundles of 4x6 color paper prints.

When asked…

24.Jul.14 1 month ago

Drifting into the sunset